SATYA BHARATI the name christened by Gandhiji meaning search for truth the other name for reach of god through service to humanity. The motto is very much embodied in the name of SATYA BHARATI itself.

As you all know, we are passing through a period of universal decadence. All the ideology and integrity we had inherited from our predecessors are in the process of complete disintegration. In the international political arena, the twentieth century of struggle for independence and for liberation of human beings from the clutches of torture and hunger in different countries of the world, has passed away instead thereof, we have now stepped into the beginning of the 21st century and we witness the shameless demonstration of brute force, violating the liberty of the weaker nations. A brute superpower has raised its ugly head and attacking the values system of the Society. Which were built-up through the effort o great thinkers and Statement during the previous millennium of progress of civilization.

When we turn over eyes to the national theatre, we observe similar signs of decadence. We have seen the shameless show of arrogance of the political upstarts, who tried to cheat the common people by claiming that India was shining. In fact, the common Indians living in the rural areas were at that time starving and committing suicide due to failure of crops.

Even in the area of voluntary service, the insect of greed and selfishness have crept in the characters of the voluntary workers. Instead of rendering selfless service to the poor and downtrodden sections of the society. They are satisfying their own selfish interests in the name of social services

Satya Bharati, functioning as a prestigious NGO in hooghly, has been serving the cause of suffering humanity with sincerity and dedication since its establishment in 1945.

We are happy our institution has succeeded in maintaining and ideal of high morality. It has also influenced the sister organization to maintain similar high standard of morality in the area of social service. Satya Bharati is actually shining like beacon light in the middle of all pervading darkness of selfishness and corruption.